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Performance considerations when working with ACF

Advanced Custom Fields is probably my favourite WordPress plugin. For me, it unlocked the door between WordPress being a blog, and realising it’s full potential as a flexible CMS solution. It allows you to create complex pages and store data structures that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise. One thing which I always do, though, is […]

How to filter the FacetWP Google Maps options

This morning I was helping to work out some issues with a site using FacetWP and came across a useful filter contained within the Facet WP Google Maps addon. Documentation for the Google Maps addon is a little sparse at the moment, so I thought it would be helpful to highlight the facetwp_map_init_args filter, which […]

Introducing Gulp WP Toolkit

I’ve been using Gulp on WordPress theme builds for a while now. When I started using it, I started simply – I created a Gulpfile.js in my starter theme which contained all of the tasks I needed.

Essential PostCSS Packages

I use Gulp as a build tool to automate a lot of the mundane tasks involved with creating WordPress themes and there are many Gulp packages to take care of everything from generating translation files, to compiling SCSS into CSS. PostCSS packages are JavaScript based, and can be utilised by any build tool (Gulp, Grunt, […]

WordPress Development on Windows

In April 2016, I moved from Mac to Windows as my primary development environment. It was an interesting switch, and one I’m quite happy with – Windows 10 has proven itself to be a robust operating system, and all of my software requirements have been met and often exceeded. Most of my work is WordPress […]

Why I use WordPress and the Genesis Framework

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) around and now powers more than 27% of all websites. One of the great things about WordPress – and one of the main reasons why I develop websites using WordPress as a platform – is that even if you aren’t familiar with it, it’s incredibly easy […]