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ACF 5 Pro JSON Storage

I recently released a plugin onto the repository, called ACF 5 Json Storage. It’s a very simple plugin, based on a couple of code snippets which I include when using Advanced Custom Fields on client projects. Advanced Custom Fields has a great feature where it will save your custom field groups to individual JSON […]

Using Sublime Text 3 For WordPress Development

I’ve been building websites for a long time. In that time, I’ve used my fair share of text editors – from plain Notepad in the early days, to UltraEdit, Notepad++ and in recent times Coda & now Sublime Text. I’ve finally settled on Sublime Text 3 as my editor of choice. For the work I […]

Showing the Genesis Search Form Label.

The upcoming release of Genesis 2.2 will bring a host of accessibility enhancements. I won’t go through them all, because Rian has already given us this fantastic run-through, but suffice to say these upgrades are being welcomed by one and all. In a recent project, built with Genesis 2.2-RC1, I had the requirement to use […]