Craig Simpson

Web developer from Moray, Scotland


My name is Craig Simpson, a web developer from Moray, Scotland. I built my first website more than 20 years ago, and since then I’ve worked with countless companies from across the globe, helping to create or improve their online presence.

A lot has changed in that time, not least the technology underpinning modern websites. These days I use WordPress as my platform and build custom themes and plugins to serve my clients’ needs. WordPress provides a flexible and feature-rich way for clients to easily manage their own website after my work is done.

WordPress Plugins

As well as writing custom code for clients, I’ve released a few WordPress plugins that can either be downloaded from the repository, or from GitHub:

Workflow & Tools

I’ve also written a couple of useful Gulp tools to help speed up WordPress theme and plugin development:

Working Together

I’m currently in full-time employment, and not looking for work at the moment.